We Need Queer Liberation Now

Presented below are 7 artists from We Need Queer Liberation Now, an international residency and artist support project from East Street Arts and Theatre In The Mill, and facilitated by Leeds-based artist Sayang.

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In 2021 we commissioned a series of digital commissions, one from each artist on the programme, asking the question, “What does Queer liberation mean to you?”. Accompanying each commission is an audio recording of an interview between Sayang and each artist, reflecting on the work created and containing a message to the rest of the group. In 2022 we will conclude this project with a 6-day residency, planning our activity as a group, to focus on creating space for togetherness & kinship.
Our Artists:
Teddy, Nahi Mitti, Axmed Maxamed, Roland Korponovics, Xavier De Sousa, Vee Dagger, Metin Akdemir, Keith Zenga King.