Roland Kopronovics

Roland Korponovics is a media-artist currently living and working in Budapest, Hungary.

His main focus is on the visual representations of the LGBT+ community at an intersection of the contrasting globalist approaches of western and eastern cultural narratives. 

Looking at these identities as postmodern products he’s main goal is to scan identities which are strongly defined by global online mediums and how the behaviour patterns of these communities are reinforced by these stereotypes putting the spotlight to a critical approach from a postcolonial point of view.

His main artistic mediums are performance and video. Recently he worked on a project called: “Visualizing the life of LGBTIQ Roma” together with the School of Media – University of Brighton

CONTENT WARNING: some discussion of harmful online portrayals of sex, conversations around being queer and living in a place of censorship.

You can listen to Roland’s reflection on his digital residency here:

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