Metin Akdemir, who produces and curates works in film and contemporary art, looks at the invisible objects and people of daily life, urban memory through spaces as well as mainstream films and narratives from a queer perspective.

In their films, Akdemir focuses on the visual archive by documenting the destroyed and disappearing places and figures in the city. They offer a new political view with a queer perspective to the cinematic history of Turkey by re-looking at the narratives from the past.

In collaboration with queer and feminist associations and platforms, Akdemir organises exhibitions for artists who cannot find place in the field of contemporary art in order for them to gain visibility. (Border/less Sınır/sız*, dramaqueer art collective, Istanbul LGBTI + Pride Week Exhibitions).

CONTENT WARNING: Conversations around living in a country that censors LGBTQIA+ folx

For Metin’s digital residency, they looked at how creating a manifesto could benefit themselves, and fellow artists in Turkey. A manifesto that blends their gender fluidity and fluidity together for a creative, non-pressured document that can make an impact across local artistry and further afield.

View the Art Fluid Manifesto.

“Joining an online residence was a new experience for me. It was very valuable to talk about censorship with queer artists from different countries. My art project was about writing an artist manifesto. Thinking about and designing my own artist manifesto became a new field for me. While I was preparing my fluid artist manifesto, looking at the old manifestos and remembering them strengthened me. I have always felt your support as an artist and queer person throughout this whole process and this motivated me. I hope we can produce works together where I can use this manifesto.”

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