Residents of Mabgate, Burmantofts and Lincoln Green: UNITE!

We're creating a Neighbourhood Plan and we need you to be part of it

A Neighbourhood Plan is an important tool that gives people a say in the future of the places they live and work. Including where new homes, shops, offices and public spaces can be built.

We’re creating one right here in Burmantofts, Mabgate and Lincoln Green in partnership with local residents, businesses, schools, community groups and charities in the neighbourhood.

City planning, development and regeneration doesn’t have to result in gentrification if the processes are centred on the wants and needs of the people who live and work there. It felt more urgent than ever to find a way for residents to influence and take a lead on designing the development of the place that they live.

It also doesn’t have to be dull! We’ve got a whole series of events, parties, public art commissions and activities for you to join in, learn something new or meet your neighbours.

If you live here and want to get involved or find out more email – we would love to hear from you.