On-going strategic consultancy for culturally-led regeneration of towns and cities.


Our Placemaking consultancy helps provide skills, development and workspace provision to artists at all levels nationally, while putting them at the centre of communities. We strategically advocate for artists through a place-based approach with local authorities, developers, asset owners and policy makers.

This culturally-led approach to regeneration places art at the centre of development initiatives creating joined-up thinking among all relevant stakeholders to help communities thrive and breath life into high streets and other neglected areas.

Increasingly, the need to re-imagine and redevelop our towns and cities in a post-retail context has become a huge area for debate and action. We bring cultural activism to that debate. 

Through our extensive knowledge of meanwhile workspace provision we are well placed to deliver these art-focused, urban regeneration initiatives. Re-purposing buildings and recreating value in places of decline through working with artists we are able to drive inclusive growth, social and economic benefits. 

We are involved in a number of place-based initiatives across the UK that work strategically to regenerate urban environments and advocate for artists resilience and sustainability, which you can explore below: