Nahi Mitti

Nahi’s instagram – @nahi_mitti
Nahi Mitti is a transfeminine brown person who works on and against discourse around her body-mind-spirit.

Using an intermedia(l) approach, Nahi is invested in asking questions around (queer) virtuosity, the role of an artist, deferral… failure, and the inter-connective potentialities present in her/their practice and its world-building.


For Nahi Mitti’s residency, she explored …..

You can also read her reflection of her digital residency below:

Nahi Mitti’s Digital Residency:

This piece, whose file I called 2009 (or something like it, I can’t really remember), is a snippet of a larger composition. I’m interested in the format of snippets, trailers and other things that seem to exist with their ‘meaning’ in relation to bigger, more ‘complete’ things. 

So, this snippet is part of a composition that I started writing in 2009, a time of life I look back on and cringe (for myself). While this piece is in part a means of documenting that cringe, it is also an acceptance and evolution of it. I know I was definitely scared and hesitant to do this piece, so, in part, that was a good reason for me to try it.

This time, 2009 (and since tbh), is a kind of byword for this cringe-distance I have with parts of myself, some of which are more readily read as queer.

[What would I like fellow residents to take from my soundpiece?] Whatever they can find! They can listen to it however they want to.

Other things!