New art residency explores what Home means now since the advent of Covid-19

HOME evolves from a previous project Seeding Art Currency which featured as the last residency at The Art Hostel on Kirkgate, Leeds. Artists Sherelene Cuffe, Jude Woods Bobbi Rae will be the first residency taking place in the hostel’s new home exploring whether the meaning of ‘home’ has changed since C-19.

As Steve Ali eloquently states, the pandemic ‘has made us all refugees in our homes’ with them becoming the site for everything in our lives (office, studio, social space, school, maker space, cafe, restaurant, theatre, dance studio, gym, cinema and much more).

The second project as part of Janine’s PhD in New Media and Curation at Sunderland University this residency, expands on the repetition of the word ‘home’ featuring in the participatory aspects of the Seeding Art Currency project, which was the final project at The Art Hostel on Kirkgate.

As a member of the Worldpackers network the Art Hostel provided a local/global community, in which to invite residents to co-create an installation in the Art Hostel. By posting responses to an online map The World of Forms, a (painted-mural of an abstract world-map) by Bobbi Rae (above) subtly changed over the duration of six weeks, with the gradual addition of real seeds (in the mural) and map pins (online).   

Home now resonates with many because of the C-19 crisis, as it’s become the site for everything. The next project will ask people to reflect on what ‘Home’ means in the post pandemic world. We will be asking participants to respond on social media throughout the residency using the hashtag #WhatDoesHomeMeanNow

Participants’ responses are a central part of the ‘art’ of HOME, before responding on social media to the ongoing discussion, we ask that you read the terms and conditions of participating.

Below are details of the four upcoming events, each Thursday in April Janine and the artists will be hosting an online discussion about the subject of ‘Home’.

08 April 2021 – HOME: Comforting or Confining

15 April 2021 – HOME: Objects and Structures

22 April 2021 – HOME: Actions and Making

29 April 2021 – HOME: Portrait

Explore the Virtual Art Hostel below:

Below you can view the programme for HOME which includes details of the various activities taking place.

Terms and Conditions for Participation

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