UK-Taiwan Artist Exchange Residencies: Sayang & Jui-Hung Ni

We’re really excited to be taking part in a UK-Taiwan artist exchange with artists Jui-Hung Ni and Sayang, in partnership with Platform Asia and Taipei Artist Village.

Jui-Hung Ni

Jui-Hung Ni has joined us in Leeds from Taipei. A multi-disciplinary artist, her work is inspired by the world around her, and she sees herself as ‘a filter to digest a large number of fragments that come into my daily life’. Her work has taken incredibly versatile forms: installations, illustrations, literature and feminist studies, with a running theme being bold colours and black humour. 

Her practice has taken inspiration from a myriad of places: a disappearing TV station, women’s self-help books, Influencer phenomenons, and intimacy barriers, all of which have been combined with Taiwanese folklore tales for modern retellings. As part of her residency, she wants to observe music and street subculture in Leeds, by exploring the region and some of its heritage.


A Malaysian/British DJ, sound artist, producer and activist, Sayang’s work is driven by self-exploration and community understanding. Their sound work explores race, queerness and accessibility in club and queer culture, using soundscapes as a means of expression and to unpick their story.

Usually based in Leeds, Sayang is spending their time in the Taipei Artist Village, and will develop a sonic exhibition by coupling field recordings from their environment and modular synthesizers. It will explore how they, as a neurodivergent person, process, respond to and navigate a new environment through non-verbal communication.


We’ll be sharing more from the residencies over the coming weeks, both across our social media channels as well as on our website, so keep your eyes peeled for more!



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