In Practice Podcast

Effective artist support is a collaboration of research, theory and practice.

East Street Arts launches In Practice, a podcast dedicated to supporting artists and their collaborators. A catalogue of episodes showcases curated conversations around artist development, place-making and more. How do you sustain a career making art, and what does that look like?

The first series of In Practice is a set of five, 30 minute, episodes hosted by a different member of the Guild cohort. Each member will be joined by up to three guests of their choice to discuss the invisible connections between artist-led groups and local institutions, communities, and local authorities. As well as the connections that are important to them and how those relationships shape the work that they do and the role they play in their community.

Series 1 : Episode 1

Guild Conversations: Mafwa Theatre
MAFWA get together with Leeds Refugee Forum’s Ali Mahgoub, and Project Manager for City of Sanctuary’s Maternity Stream, Maha Amari to talk with them about where they perceive the value is in Leeds’ arts infrastructure and how their organisations are placed within that. Together they take
a moment to learn from their community partners and engage in dialogue and reflection between 2 sectors that are not often enabled time to pause, think and chat.

Series 1 : Episode 2

Guild Conversations: Double Okay
Ollie Musson from the Rising Sun Arts Centre & Double Okay talks to Annie Kershaw, co-founder of A Girl called Stephen Theatre Company, Emeline Nevers-White, Digital Illustrator and volunteer at the Rising Sun, and G K Field from Double Okay. Sharing their experiences as queer artists, they discuss
how organisations and institutions can best support queer creatives in Reading.

Series 1 : Episode 3

Guild Conversations: Grief Series
Dr. Laura King from the University of Leeds chairs an exploration of all things art and health with Leeds-based artist Ellie Harrison – artistic director of The Grief Series – and Mick Ward, formerly of Leeds City Council, now Associate at Nurture Development, Health Innovation Lab, and trustee at PAFRAS (Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers).

Series 1 : Episode 4

Guild Conversations: Broccoli
Broccoli Arts founder Salome Wagaine chairs a discussion on interdisciplinary artists, change, and the role of unions with Daisy Hale, creative director of The Hale, and Eleanor Dawson, assistant organiser at The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain.

Series 1 : Episode 5

Guild Conversations: Bon Volks (Part 1)
Bon Volks founder Ross Walker talks to artists Sophie Mallet and Dan Scott about their ‘Soft Borders’ collaboration, its interrogation of the gentrification process, and possible strategies of resistance.

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