Tanith Mab

Patrick Studios

Tanith Mab is a prophetic, religious transhuman, non ironic ironic post optimist romantic realist creative from Manchester.

Currently in residency at East Street Arts and in a non delusional utopian mindset, Tanith has her own symbology that follows the trends and obsessions of her life at that time, ‘real’ world events, the internet and mass and memes every Sunday. Tanith’s current obsessions include: Furries, Alan Turing, Catholicism, Fidget poppers, Boss Baby 2 (the greatest SciFi of the decade) and the desperation to believe/follow.

Tanith expresses herself through paintings, sculpture, performance and film, and very much believes she has not yet found the tool/method to express these thoughts, emotions and aesthetics properly in a future SciFi style, but will continue to try.

Artwork by Tanith Mab

Artwork by Tanith Mab

Tanith has been in residency at East Street Arts since September 2021 and will be with us until February 2022. Two science non-fiction oil paintings have been completed so far, alongside many drawings. Alongside her creative partner ‘Preost’, she has also written four Transformers fan fictions including fan art, a pilgrimage to Milton Keynes where they attempted to start an Alan Turing cult and a Minecraft music video based around the film 2012 and the tower of Babylon.

Tanith plans on doing a procession in Manchester in January with an Alan Turing icon statue and a reliquary containing the new £50, which will be filmed by Sam Joyce. This film, the work she is determined to create over the six-month residency, and live performances will be shown at an exhibition at East Street Arts at the beginning of February (official date TBC).

Artwork by Tanith Mab

Artwork by Tanith Mab

Tanith’s goals for the future include having as much time as possible to keep making and to be untainted and tainted the correct amount always. She is also keen to meet collaborators and like minded/completely unlike minded individuals, and hopes to find community. Tanith also needs to see the world.

According to Tanith, her residency at East Street Arts has so far been ‘a blessing’.

Photo Credits: Sam Joyce Photography