Precious Art Collective


Described as ‘post-Picasso’, the pink-loving Precious Art Collective are a Leeds-based collective that advocate ‘community and freedom from elitism in art’. Made up of six graduates from Leeds College of Art, Alexander Gilmore, Rosie Vohra, Rufus Newell, Alex Millhouse-Smith and Zoe Spowage; each artist has their individual studio practices including painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and digital art. 




Precious’ output is an amalgamation of each member’s “cheeky side”. Creating works with layers of glossy paint, plush textiles, and everything in between, they manage to create a humorous world with no rules, a tactile landscape of colour and texture. 

The collective created the vibrant “candy-box incarnation” Stranger in Pink for the Art Hostel, complete with its own unique pink fluffy ceiling.