Jon Wakeman

East Street Arts, Leeds

As one of the founders of East Street Arts in 1993, I have probably done every job there is to do in the organisation at one time or another, except Karen’s!

Jon Wakeman

But there are more jobs to be done and more parts for the company to play as things never stand still and as such my role slips, slides, and often skids in different directions. Never a dull day!

Collecting shit is my passion; records, books, pieces of wood, bits of metal, images, pots and pans, new skills (and old ones), cities, football grounds, train rides, maps, a table full of papers, ideas, and memories.

Playlist – 

  • New York Trilogy – Paul Auster (book)
  • Ghost Town – The Specials (music single)
  • Coming Up for Air – George Orwell (book)
  • Bleak Moments – Mike Leigh (film)
  • Dirty Old Town – The Pogues (music single)
  • The City and The City – China Miéville (book)
  • Panic – The Smiths (music single)
  • Quadrophenia – Franc Roddam (film)
  • Dub Housing – Pere Ubu (music album)
  • Snow – Geoffrey Jones (film short)