Adam Peacock

Convention House

Adam Peacock is a post-disciplinary artist, designer, and researcher, operating at the intersection of Architecture, Fine-Art, Fashion, and Computer-Science.

His practice is centred around asking questions about the effect of technology on human behaviours, combining research, experimentation, and synthesis into visual and immersive media outputs

Originally from Leeds and based in London, Adam has worked with architects, computer scientists, fashion designers, galleries, geneticists, publishers, research and educational institutes, transhumanists, urban planners and vehicle designers in Beijing, Dublin, Lahore, Liverpool, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Milan, Oslo, New York City, Riyadh, Seoul, and Turin.

Adam is also one of four Convention House residents who we are working with as part of our Convention House Residency, funded by Garfield Weston Foundation.

When speaking to Adam about the Residency and what he hopes to work on, he told us;

“I’m looking to take controlled risks and experiments within my practice forward into using body-capture technologies utilising VR and engaging with MoCap, and live-body scanning techniques. I will explore new processes, ideas, insights, and experiments upon the documentation of the modifiable human body within digital space, and its ability to act as a tool for dialogue and discussion on the effects of new media today upon the construction of self specific to my queer lens. The residency will provide me with the space and time to do so, along with a community for technical knowledge exchange, peer support, and sharing. 

I will look to document creative and practical design processes within workshop formats, open up the research themes and topics, and provide learning opportunities for myself and the wider community. I will also look to explore ideas through developing creating and ‘hacker/maker’ sessions, to expand upon my practice, and give access to technology to those that might not otherwise have considered it could be part of the practice. I will also run and lead open dialogues specific to how to build tools to discuss technology for queer and marginalised identities, specific to Leeds, and a Northern cultural identity. 

Originally ‘born and raised’ in Leeds (near Otley), this is a unique opportunity to bring the past 17 years of knowledge and experience that I’ve gained since living in London and NYC, back to the rich cultural fabric of Leeds”

Photo credit: John Duff