Artist-Led Housing: Histories, Residencies, Spaces - available to buy!

Architectural researcher Dr Jonathan Orlek’s brand-new publication, Artist-Led Housing: Histories, Residencies, Spaces is now available to buy.

Artist, researcher, senior lecturer of Architecture, and director of Studio Polpo, Dr Jonathan Orlek presents Artist-Led Housing: Histories, Residencies, Spaces, which explores the role of artist-led organisations within the provision of housing.

The publication investigates projects which have supported artists both in the development of their creative work and with accommodation, through residencies and public programmes. The book locates artist-led housing within a historical context; positions projects by East Street Arts, including Artist House 45 in Leeds, alongside other contemporary examples; and expands on the critical and architectural opportunities of artist-led housing. With a wide range of contributions—and expanding out of Jonathan Orlek’s embedded research and practice with East Street Arts—vital thinkers and practitioners suggest future trajectories for living together creatively.

Jonathan Orlek and Jon Cannon are grateful to staff at East Street Arts and participants of ‘Out and About: The Future of Artist-Led Housing’ workshops, for contributing to the development of the artist-led housing manifesto. Special thanks to Kate West for supporting the development of this book.

Edited by Jonathan Orlek

With contributions from: Jane Rendell, Karen Watson, Kerri Jefferis, Lloyd-Wilson, John Devlin, Lizzie Coombes, Mary and Jiem, Sophie + Kerri, Silvia Liebig, James Connolly, Julie Upmeyer, David Cleary, Frances Holliss, Laura Mark

Design by Jon Cannon

ISBN 978-1-906470-18-0

First published in the United Kingdom in 2024 by East Street Arts.

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