Check-in at the Art Hostel: Living in a Wonderland by Mohammad Barrangi

We’re checking in at the Art Hostel, highlighting how incredible the rooms and spaces are. Next, we’re looking at Room 10, the dreamlike Living in a Wonderland by Mohammad Barrangi. 

Enter Living in a Wonderland by Mohammad Barrangi, a spacious family room for four people with a twin bed and a double bed. The space is designed around peace and calm, offering a place to stop, take a breath and relax whilst in the centre of the city. 

Commissioned in conjunction with Unlimited, it centres on Mo’s wide and varied experiences of travel, his disability and taking those staying on an abstract journey. Mythical creatures, birds and reptiles inspired by the fables and ancient storytelling, seen throughout his work, adorn the walls. His work tells stories through textured design, influenced by composition and scenes from classical European painting in conjunction with traditional Eastern styles of calligraphy and collage. Room 10 brings together this artistic practice whilst helping travellers forge their own stories of journeys as they pass through the Art Hostel. 

We’ve also been working with Mo on Last Dream – a new series of four large-scale murals across Leeds, which will be installed in early spring. 

Find out more about Last Dream:

Find Mo: @mohammad.barrangi |

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