Check-in at the Art Hostel: The Woolly Ewe by Jesse Paul Wright

We’re checking in at the Art Hostel, highlighting how incredible the rooms and spaces are. Next, we’re looking at Room 9, Jesse Paul Wright’s tactile The Woolly Ewe. 

The Woolly Ewe seeks to inspire through the materials that the industry in Leeds was built on. Adorning the ceiling, 380 woollen tiles – woven from recycled garments found locally – create a breathtaking canopy. Copper walls nod to local manufacturing, while bright blue teals sampled from copper patina frame the ornate windows. This patchwork of tones and textures envelops the six-bed dorm, creating an intimacy which is restful and peaceful for travellers. 

Though the walls and ceiling are striking, there are plenty of small details to discover – from the row of tiny sheep sitting on shelves to drawers filled with wool found in nearby fields and then hand-dyed. Throughout, the materials and details speak to nurturing relationships with materials. 

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