Check in at the Art Hostel: The Outside Inn by Precious Collective

We’re checking in at the Art Hostel, highlighting how incredible the rooms and spaces are. Next, we’re looking at Room 4 – Precious Collective’s The Outside Inn

Room 4 is brought to you by Precious Collective, known for their playful style and anti-elitist approach to making and exhibiting work through textures, processes and colours that stand out. In the creation of The Outside Inn, they allow each member of the collective’s cheeky side to come through creating juicy works by layering glossy paint and plush textiles with everything in between. 

Throughout this humorous world without rules, they bring together intricate handmade curiosities and votive paintings, ensuring that you will discover new and intimate pieces throughout the room. Through the furniture and design, the room celebrates the traditional beauty of the building whilst creating a space that sits somewhere between Dr. Seuss and a luxury mansion. With six beds, The Outside Inn can be perfect for long weekends in the city centre or for those passing through midweek; it is a dreamlike space, which can feel either tranquil or busy depending on what feels right for you. 

Find Precious Collective: @preciousleeds 

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