Check in at the Art Hostel: It's Up To You by Mary & Jiem

We’re checking in at the Art Hostel, highlighting how incredible the rooms and spaces are. Next, we’re looking at Room 3 – Mary & Jiem’s subculture-inspired It’s Up To You

With hand-painted red brick walls, the six-bedroom dorm room houses two custom-designed triple-height industrial bunk beds, perfect for groups exploring Leeds over a weekend. A wooden panel graffiti wall continues the brings the streets of the city onto the walls of the room by being adorned with DIY gig posters from various movements in the city.

The room pays tribute to the 1980s social struggles and youth culture that make the city the space it is today. By staying here visitors get a better sense of Leeds’ identity, and what went into making it what it now is. By being reminiscent of a more explosive time, it explores not just the local identity, but also brings together younger and older generations as they pass through. 

Find Mary: @marylimonade | Find Jiem: @jiemfolklines | Their work:

Room Images © Hannah Platt; 25/01/23

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