Check In at the Art Hostel: Rooting by Sayang

We’re checking in at the Art Hostel, highlighting how incredible the rooms and spaces are. First up, we’re looking at room one – Rooting by Sayang.

Rooting is a feast for the senses. A calming and tranquil space that allows guests to find a peace within the heart of the city. The space removes the fast pace and bustle after a long day and offers room for rest, away from distractions.

It does this through a variety of channels – soft ambient lighting can be changed to suit the guest, coupled with an audio soundscape helping to create a sensory respite, a safe space away from the pace of the world outside the room.

Room one is designed to be an accessible space both mentally and physically. Where the softness of the lighting and soundscapes help to create a calming sanctuary for mental wellbeing, a motorised bed, as well as motorised hoist, helps those that are less mobile. The room listens to you – and blinds, lighting and soundscapes can be both activated and deactivated by voice, meaning the guest has the utmost ease of use for the space.

Sayang’s Rooting is about finding joy, nourishment and rest within a space that allows you to decompress, being taken away from a busy, sometimes overwhelming, landscape.

We will also be catching up with Sayang over the next few weeks as part of their residency exchange at the Taipei Artist Village with Platform Asia.

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