East Street Arts have partnered with Leeds Creative Labs to bring together creatives with researchers from the University of Leeds as part of an initiative to open new ways of thinking.

Deadline to apply: Midnight, Thursday 30 March

What is Leeds Creative Labs?

Leeds Creative Labs is a funded opportunity for artists and creative professionals to collaborate with researchers from the University of Leeds. The programme is an initiative developed and led by the Cultural Institute at the University of Leeds since 2012.

In the past, they have paired hip-hop dancers with economists, ballet choreographers with Biochemical engineers, and visual artists with astrophysicists.

In this edition of Leeds Creative Labs, we’re partnering with the Cultural Institute to offer up to 5 sets of labs.

How it works

Artists and academics are to apply by the deadline. The match is made by an expert panel, based not only on the participants’ professional interests, but also on their shared sense of curiosity and ambition to explore ideas without limits.

Once pairings are made, we will host a collaborative workshop between Creative Labs and East Street Arts.

Pairings will have 6 weeks to work together for the equivalent of 3 working days, with times and dates arranged by each collaborating pair to suit their own circumstances.

Pairings will be invited to speak at a public event to share their experiences at the end of the programme.

Why you should apply

Previous participants of Leeds Creative Labs have shown that sharing ideas and experiences between artists & creative professionals and academics opens new ways of thinking; it can inform and add new dimensions to the creative process and the work of the professionals; it can also help academic researchers understand the potential value of their work and how, through partnership, it can have impact on sectors outside of academia.

While there is no expectation of an output, the Leeds Creative Labs programme has incubated an astonishing diversity of concepts and outputs – from the development of new teaching practices, innovative research methodologies and large research grant capture to the creation of new artistic works and digital products and platforms.

Who can apply to this edition?

You can apply if you are an artist working in any art form, a maker or a creative professional working in the larger creative sector. Applications from previously unsuccessful applicants will be accepted. If you were previously successful, you are welcome to apply, but preference will be given to new and previously unsuccessful applicants. We are only accepting applications from Yorkshire based artists.

What funding is available?

Artists selected to participate in this edition of the Leeds Creative Labs programme will receive a bursary of £1250 in return for making the commitments to the programme detailed below.

University of Leeds practice-based academics selected for the programme will be expected to find their commitment to the project within their university hours and will not receive a bursary.

Each partnership will receive a materials & expenses budget of £200.

What does participation involve?

If you are one of the creative partners selected to participate in this edition of the Leeds Creative Labs programme, you must make the following commitments to the programme:

  • You give permission for any work created as part of the Leeds Creative Lab programme to be accessible in the public domain
  • You must be able to participate in the launch event on Wednesday 19 April and the share event on 8 June
  • You must commit to a minimum of three days between 20 April and 8 June to work with an academic partner at mutually convenient times
  • You participate in the evaluation of the programme which includes completion of evaluation questionnaire at the end of the programme and permission for photography and filming during key events
What will we do for you?

When the Labs have ended, we will hold a virtual or real meeting with each of the partnerships. We will look for opportunities to present your collaborative research to public audiences, amplifying its impact. If you believe that your collaboration could lead to a larger project, we will assist you in developing your ideas and advise you on where you might seek further funding.

Programme timeline

Midnight, Thursday 30 March

Closing date for applications

w/c 10 April

Partners selected and collaborations announced

19 April

Labs launch + Workshop

20 April – 8 June

Collaboration period

Thursday 8 June

Share event at University of Leeds

If you would like to make an application by video or audio recording, please respond to each question in the application form. Your audio or video should be no longer than 15 minutes. If you need support completing the application please contact culturalinstitute@leeds.ac.uk

If I have any further questions, who can I ask?

If you have any queries about the Leeds Creative Labs programme you can find further information at: http://www.leeds.ac.uk/info/130553/cultural_institute/482/leeds_creative_labs

Or alternatively contact culturalinstitute@leeds.ac.uk

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