Each residency has resulted in a publication with contributions from each of the participants and some of the guests.

The artist participants were Afidi Nomo, Dan Goodman, Dawn Woolley, Hannah Butterfield, Humira Imtiaz, Jennifer McMillan, Laura Lulika, Lora Krasteva, Luke Beech, Lydia Catterall and Rachel Krische. Joining us were Ingrid Banerjee Marvin (East St Arts), Kate Craddock (GIFT), Phil Douglas (Dance City), Ali Dunican (Quarantine), Jyothi Giles (Theatre in the Mill), Robin Hawkes (Leeds Playhouse), Alan Lane (Slung Low), Max May (Rural Arts), Ian Morley (The Civic, Barnsley), Karen Watson (East St Arts), Kate West (East St Arts) and Martha Wilson (Leeds 2023).

Field Notes Two was published in early 2022, and takes a more reflective approach to the previous publications and hosts contributions from East Street Arts’ Ingrid Banerjee Marvin & Kate West in addition to Luke Beech, Hannah Butterfield, Lydia Catterall, Kate Craddock, Jyothi Giles, Dan Goodman, Humira Imtiaz, Lora Krasteva, Rachel Krische, Laura Lulika with melissandre, Jennifer McMillan, Afidi Nomo and Dawn Woolley. Edited by Alister Lownie with illustrations by Katherina Radeva.

The printed publication is available for £5 via Two Destination Language, or you can view the digital version for free online here.

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