OPEN DOORS is a collaborative project between The Uncultured and East Street Arts as part of Guild. It is exploring the barriers that artist-led spaces face in achieving and maintaining sustainability.



This survey marks the beginning of the project. At this time it will focus on gaining a deeper understanding of the labour hours and associated costs to individuals that goes into running artist-led studios, a vital part of the arts ecology.

Artist-led studios are often nimble and reactive, but entirely reliant on those who make up the collective or membership cohort to function day-to-day. While there are anecdotal explanations for why many artist-led spaces find it difficult to be sustainable or even grow, at this point we want to avoid making any assumptions.

Who can fill this out?
This survey intends to collect data from artists and arts workers who identify as part of an artist-led space.

If you have a studio that you do not consider to be artist-led, or if you do not currently have a studio, you can still fill in some of the questions that should appear as relevant to you as comparative data will still be very useful for us.

Complete the Survey via the link below:

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