Norrie Harman invited us into their vibrant and colourful studio in October 2014.

As a teaser for National Open Studios in October 2014, we launched a series of videos to give a little insight into how our artists use their studio space to help understand the artist, their practice and their work.

Artists like Norrie Harman who invited us into their space, which was one of the most memorable to enter at the time. Entering the studio you had to be mindful of where to stepped, navigating round the giant paintings from present and past projects. The room had paints, papers and brushes everywhere, with a radio playing rock music.

This might give the impression of “mess” but everything was organised and arranged, a wonderfully organised kind of chaos. Norrie was able to move about with ease. knowing where everything was and was meant to be. There was also a dining chair and sofa.

While taking care in his work, he was not “precious” about it working with an untethered creativity. He said, ‘Every mark or stain adds a little something’. You couldn’t avoid wanting to enter this colourful and vibrant studio, representing Norrie as a person and as an artist.

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