REGNANT - Xavier de Sousa

REGNANT is a multi-dimensional project that will encompass a durational performance, a series of workshops, and Open Studio sharings.

Regnant is part of the Season for Change programme, ‘The Space Between. It will involve participants from local East Leeds neighbourhoods and the audience, who will explore the themes of migration, identity, belonging, adaptation and power structures and how these collide with the pressing issue of climate change.

Xavier will conduct a series of workshops with the community. Residents will be recruited to participate in pottery making workshops to assist in creating the plates, bowls, and serving pots needed for Xavier’s final live event.

The final event will see Xavier collaborate with two artists – Jade Montserrat and Yas Clarke – to create an Open Studio to exhibit the works and stories developed within these workshops, create visual narratives and soundscapes throughout the event.

The materials created within the workshops will go on a short tour with Xavier, and then be returned to East Street Arts as a contribution towards a new archive and exhibition for the neighbourhood.

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