Nicolas Henninger will give residents the chance to experience ‘low waste’ living and consider material changes they can make in their lives.

Nicolas will create CABANON as part of the Season for Change programme, ‘The Space Between’. A reference to Swiss-French architect, designer, artist and writer Le Corbusier’s minimal retreat home which was no larger than 8ftx8ft and built from one material. Cabanon will invite people to live for a couple of nights to explore their habits and a more sustainable way of life.

Participants, particularly young people, from the local neighbourhood will be invited to workshops during the build and installation of CABANON, led by Nicolas, to learn about using sustainable materials and his architectural process.

CABANON will enable individuals to stay within a cabin in the city but experience minimalist and eco-friendly surroundings for one to two nights.

CABANON will be powered by another project piece TURBINE created by artist Jake Krushell.

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