Past Show: What A Drag 2 @ Live Art Bistro

Eight months after the “fantastical” debut What A Drag event, Live Art Bistro was again taken over for the after party of the year with a second night.

For a 12 hour period on 1st July 2016, the art space was packed more glamour and decadence. More glitter, less glamour twice the wedding dresses – lax and loose – where diva-ish disorder and carefree frivolity took centre stage.

Attendees came already dressed-up or transformed themselves during the night creating the vibrant aesthetic that propelled the action.

Perfecting the hedonistic art-club initiated by the first event, What A Drag 2 exploded with DJs, cabaret acts and a wave of sideshows, party games and interventions, provided by the likes of Gashland, Candy Conk and China Deathcrash, for a night that will be forever etched on the memory of those in attendance.

The Big Disco / Little Disco in partnership with East Street Arts, delivered the kind of event that people will be talking about in years to come. Not that words can do it justice, take a look at images from What A Drag 2 to get a small glimpse of what it was like:

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