Past show: Snap Broadcast Bartender by Lloyd & Wilson @ Patrick Studios

In response to the snap election announcement in June 2017, Lloyd & Wilson held two unique Snap Broadcast Bartender events playfully unpicking the political agenda and giving a platform to voices they felt were missing from the media narrative.

At a time of increasing polarisation of political views, widespread disinformation campaigns online, social media debates and the Brexit referendum fallout, the general election called in 2017 was one of the most divisive in recent history. 

Lloyd & Wilson aimed to provide an antidote to the Question Time style panel show with well-rehearsed sound bites and speeches that often alienated the listener and stunted the discussion. The solution was two Snap Broadcast Bartender events, one pre-election and one after the vote.


The first, pre-election, event was held at East Street Arts very own Patrick Studios on 2nd June 2017, with five drinkers and guest bartender Alaric Hall, discussing the election freely in a fabricated public house environment.

Intentionally improvised, the discussion veered off into surprising and unexpected areas as the event unfolded. The two hour event took part in front of a live audience and was then edited down to a one hour radio programme broadcast on Resonance FM on 6th June 2017.

Listen to the show as it was broadcast below:

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