Tessa Houghton

Patrick Studios

Tessa Houghton is a British contemporary painter whose work is infused with light and texture. Inspired by nature, she explores contrasting themes of fragility and strength, transience and endurance, death and renewal.

Identifying with reflections on childhood and family life, Tessa’s most recent work is an exploration of our emotional attachments to particular places and the multiple memories they invoke. From the Catalonian Coast, Pyrenees Mountains and the dramatic scenery of the English countryside, Tessa investigates our relationship with the landscape, creating ethereal vistas that are wonderfully ambiguous as they reconnect us with our surroundings.

Since receiving a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Liverpool John Moores University in 1998, Tessa’s work has been exhibited and collected extensively throughout the UK and beyond, to places such as New York, LA, Hong Kong and Barcelona. After working in Barcelona for 12 years, Tessa is now based in the North of England.