Workshop at Magellan House

Dates & Times:
Saturday 12th September (10am – 11:30am)

Venue: Magellan House
Armouries Way, Leeds, LS10 1JP

In this playful workshop, you will be invited to consider different ways to articulate the value of your creative practice, and get a unique insight into the artists’ creative process. You will be actively encouraged to beg, borrow and steal.

Ali Matthews and Leo Burtin are currently creating a new performance work. Using 1930s French street songs, sales pitches, autobiography and live audience experiments, they seek to take stock of what the UK values now and how we go about valuing it.

Stealthily scrounging your tax pennies, your guilty scratch card spendings, Matthews and Burtin are funded escapees. She from the cutthroat, self-made, individualist American dream, he from lukewarm, protectionist, socialist France.

By air and by sea, and both to the best of both worlds: the UK.

Artist Bios:

Ali Matthews is an American-born performance maker, researcher and singer based in Manchester, whose practice has recently focused on issues of value, labour and service economy. She has presented original work across cabaret, one-to-one and large-scale performance formats at venues including Arnolfini, Project Arts Centre, Hatch Nottingham, Live at LICA,Toynbee Studios/ArtsAdmin (London), Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Bristol Storytelling Festival, Ausland (Berlin) and the Universität der Künste. Her project ‘What The Money Meant’ toured to Chelsea Theatre and Aberystwyth Arts Centre, where it asked audiences to pay for different levels of access to a performance installation. She has recently been commissioned to create a new piece of work entitled The Ballad of Isosceles for Sensored Festival at Contact Theatre (Manchester) in June 2015. In addition to her artistic practice, she works part-time as a lecturer in theatre performance at the University of Salford, where she is research-active.

Leo Burtin is an artist, creative producer and writer. In 2015, Leo is developing a series of artworks entitled Homemade. The project aims to playfully disrupt familiar and/or domestic contexts in order to create structures and contexts within which to have conversations, notably on value, identity, ageing, memory, death & dying and the concept of choice. Leo’s current practice is supported by ARC, Live At LICA and Residence. In the recent past, he has worked with Rajni Shah, Blast Theory, imitating the dog. Leo is often interested in projects, which vary in scale, from creating intimate events in the backroom of pubs, to producing large-scale site-specific projects seen by thousands of people such as Sea Breeze.