How To

If you are an artist or creative interested in using a temporary space then this information is for you.


For access to a Temporary Space whatever your need please fill in our Space Application Form, to give us information about what you want the space for and your project ideas. We will get back to you with appropriate available spaces and arrange a meeting to discuss your project and a viewing of the space.

Please take note of the following:

• We are a busy team and may not respond to your application straight away
• We take on spaces where the landlord has invited us to, and in areas we are keen to work in, so we may not have a space where you want it
• The map on our web pages give a rough idea where our spaces are
• Some areas like Leeds are very popular with artists, and we may not be able to supply what you want straight away
• Please be as flexible as possible in your requirements
• All users of temporary space must become members of East Street Arts, but it is important to go through the application process for the temporary space first as we may not have a space suitable for you

Becoming a member of East Street Arts:

Being a member of East Street Arts gives you access to our Temporary Spaces Programme and in addition allows you to be part of a vibrant visual arts organisation and join a growing community of artists and arts professionals. The ethos of our membership is about support and exchange.

For a list of membership benefits and to become an East Street Arts Member please visit the Members Section

Costs for using a space:

It is necessary for us at times to charge for the use of temporary spaces. This is because:

• Some spaces are more expensive to run especially the costs of utilities being higher than any donation we receive.
• Some spaces especially the ones we use for studios don’t have a donation
• The use such as studios requires more staff time over a longer period

Depending on the type of space and the end use we do usually charge £40-£80 per month. However we do strive to keep costs as low as possible.

You can see how we make use of the donation we receive from the temporary space programme in the introduction which focuses on our partners spaces and one-off events.

If you are interested in using a Temporary Space, please contact: