blip blip blip Gallery

blip blip blip is a curatorial programme which is committed to examining and fostering relationships between art practice and art education. Art students are involved in the running of the programme from installing and invigilating shows, to helping artists realise works and curating exhibitions.

blip blip blip pursues a policy of inviting curators or organisations to make group shows that explore a range of relationships to art education. This curatorial strand is designed to help students appreciate the breadth of educational models and opportunities available to them as they move forward through art education.

blip blip blip is directed by two artists, Sean Kaye and Harry Meadley, and has been hosted by East Street Arts’ Patrick Studios Project Space since 2012.

2016/17 Programme

Blip Blip Blip – X
9 Jan – 29 Jan
Opening: 11th Jan

Blip Blip Blip – No Working Title
5 Feb – 17 Feb
Working alongside Tate Education.
This is a working space, so there may be no opening or public showing.

Blip Blip Blip – Doubles Show with Pavel Buchler
10 May – 28 May
Opening: 12th May

Blip Blip Blip – Leeds Beckett, Tumultuous Noise – re-degree show
5 Jun – 18 Jun