Artist Residencies

East Street Arts develops artists’ residencies and exchanges across Europe that support artists to take time out from day to day commitments and spend time within new environments.

Residencies in Spain:

Since 2013, East Street Arts has collaborated with pocagallery (Portugalete, Spain) in supporting summer residencies for UK artists. In the summer of 2015 the collaboration expanded to include an exchange with BilbaoArte Foundation. Each organisation selected 2 artists projects to undertake a one month residency in each other’s city. The UK artists selected were Chris Woodward and Annie Nelson (ArtistYoke) and Josh Gibbs and from Bilbao came Mawatres and Rosa Parma, who spent a month in Leeds in September. The exchange also included a group exhibition of all the artists involved at pocagallery and a Leeds full exhibition will follow in 2016.

The aim of these projects is to promote an exchange of ideas and knowledge between the two cities and give artists support n the development of new work.

Leeds-Bilbao Exchange Part 1: SPAIN
Artist Open Doors Event
Bilbao Arte


Velo Café Renaissance Residency in Lille 2015:

East Street Arts, in collaboration with the organisations l’Entorse and Kraft, will host a UK artist in residence in Lille this autumn as part of Velo Café Renaissance: A programme of events inspired by bikes that will take place in various cafes across Lille and will be part of the cultural programme Lille3000.

Velo Café Renaissance is part of a larger project funded by Creative Europe and includes East Street Arts (Leeds) L’Entorse (Lille) and Vooruit (Ghent) entitled Ex(s)ports.

The deadline for applications was 5th of August 2015. The successful applicants were Ben Mills, Lucy Carolan and Richard Glynn.

Further residencies and activities will take place across the three cities over the next 18 months.


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