Mel Holmes

For his commission as part of ‘A City Less Grey’, Mel Holmes produced this beautiful mural that is bursting with both detail and historical relevance. Mel’s mural looks at the old ABC cinema site and connects this with the work of the pioneering filmographer, Louis Le Prince, who created the world’s first film in Leeds. Inspiration is also drawn from the local Burmantofts Architecture.

Mel spent a number of weeks working in his studio masterfully painting each individual panel for the outstanding mural. He then spent a few days on Vicar Lane installing, in both rain and shine, mounting each section of this beautifully detailed mural to the Hammerson hoardings. If you haven’t seen the mural yet, head down to Vicar Lane, but make sure you get up close to see the true detail!

Artist Bio:

I am a professional mural artist with over 25 year experience. I am based in Sheffield but work internationally. I specialise in large scale figurative murals and trompe l’oeil (optical illusion painting). In my work, I place great emphasis on research and adapting concepts to meet the needs of particular briefs. I work in various mediums depending on different project demands and these include acrylic paints, oil paints and masonry paints. All of the materials I use are of the highest quality for longevity, and can be sealed to make ‘public proof’.