Members Residency Artists: Rachel Magdeburg and Richard Stone

This year we launched a new opportunity for our members, a one-month residency at our Project Space in Patrick studios, Leeds. Through an open call we received over 50 submissions. It was a difficult decision as many submissions were very good and proposed really interesting projects but we only had two slots available.

The final two artists selected for 2014 are Gateshead-based artist Rachel Magdeburg and Richard Stone, based in London.


Rachel Magdeburg

Rachel’s residency is well underway, she is with us for the month of May and she has been busy! Rachel is investigating the resurgence of the Red Kite into British skies after its re-introduction in the late 80s. She is interested in particular in the re-introduction project at Harewood House & Estate in 1999. She has been visiting Harewood regularly, as well as other key locations, viewing collections and meeting with researchers, conservationists and other experts on the subject to discuss the histories and the social and cultural repercussions of this re-introduction. All this research will be the foundation of a new piece of work. Rachel will be sharing her research and work in progress in an open event on the 31st of May.

To see more of Rachel’s work, please visit:

Richard Stone-thepoet

Richard Stone

In November, Richard Stone will be moving to Leeds to work from our Project Space. The residency coincides with a point of departure in his practice, and he seeks to develop new approaches and to experiment with new materials and methods of display for his sculptural and installation work. Richard’s works materialise in many forms from objects and installation through to site-specific interventions, exploring themes of self, place, absence and transience. Existing materials and found objects are seductively reworked or reconfigured through physical processes and conceptually layered strategies. Richard’s pieces have included figures engulfed in ghostly auras of smooth amorphous wax, erased landscapes, assemblages of earth, flowers, salt and other delicate ephemera, and performative works.

To see more of Richard Stones work, please visit: