Griet Beyaert & Paul Miller – Japan Residency

East Street Arts studio holder Griet Beyaert was recently selected for an artists residency in Japan, to explore her fantastic glass work. Over the past year Griet has collaborated with fellow East Street Arts studio holder Paul Miller and due to the success of their collaborative work, Paul was also invited to take part in the residency alongside Griet in Japan.

The pair have been on a number of art visits and Griet has carried out two workshops as part of the residency. Griet and Paul have also produced a new installation titled Blue Moment, in collaboration with contemporary dancer Miku Ihara and choreographer Kazuma Yamamoto. The two installed glass, collected sound and video from the local community and worked with Miku and Kazuma to create two performance events which ran alongside the installation for 2 days. The event ran from Friday 10th – Sunday 12th November in Nagata, Kobe, Japan.

For the remainder of the residency Griet and Paul will be visiting two Universities to talk with students and will also be attending Nagahama’s art festival.

You can follow the progress of the residency on the Glass Cyphers Instagram.