Virginia Kennard / The Naked Brastrap

I am a performance artist from Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand, currently based in Leeds studying for my MA in Performance at Leeds Beckett.

I have created two major works: The Lady Garden (2012 – 2014), a performance installation of live naked women exploring the body as a desexualised object; You occupy my body by looking (2015), a 17 day performance exhibition exploring the gaze, notions of viewing practices, and the body.

My background and training is in commercial and contemporary dance, and my arts practice has included movement improvisation, choreography, teaching, durational performance, explicit body performance art, and life modeling. I am learning about object art and installations.

Whilst based in Wellington I was a dance tutor for drama kids and folk at a retirement home, the producer for The Performance Arcade 2016, worked for the NZ International Film Festival, and wrote for I was previously based in Glasgow where i wrote for The Skinny, and had a dance and improvisational practice with Penny Chivas.

I like drinking tea and gin, eating chocolate, and ranting about gender and queer theory. Currently seeking an Irish human who would like to marry me (for a European visa/passport).

Next, get together 3 images of your work. (Landscape images please.)

Twitter: @viggiq

Facebook: TheNkdBrastrap

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