Valerie Zwart

My current work melds videogame aesthetics and traditional landscape strategies in paintings that by turns conflate and contrast digital and painterly representations. Starting from the notion of environments as puzzles, I adopt the design strategies of videogame environments to present topologies of nodes and pathways that point to potentials of promise, threat or refuge. While constructed like a typical videogame environments – low-contrast vistas that lend themselves to quick reconnaissance – the paintings retain a suggestively haunting atmosphere.

I have a long-standing interest in the subjective experience of landscapes and in this series I am considering challenges to subjectivity in the form of ‘flow entropies’, or perceptual incoherencies in a digital environment. In gaming, flow entropies are technical glitches resulting in visual aberrations like visible tiling, digital artefacts, texture mapping (noticeable repetition) or improbable or partial rendering of figures (for example, I’m working on a painting of someone walking out of a wall). The analogue techniques that I’m constructing to represent digital artefacts include tiled images, ‘paint-pixels’ and noticeably collaged image elements.

Information about the curatorial, writing and art project management, as well as a full CV is available via my website.

Twitter: @vdotzdot

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