Ruth Buchanan

My principal focus as an artist is structure, form and anatomy; musculature and movement and the way the play of light transforms the ordinary to the special and notable. In this, it is the equine form that most motivates me, though I also paint architecture, cityscapes and figurative subjects. I work in both wet and dry media to interpret these inspirations: watercolour, (soft stick) pastel, charcoal and, more recently, oils: working with brushes, knives and my fingers.

I work in a realist style with implied, rather than stated, detail. I have spent a ‘lifetime learning to look’ and everything starts with location drawings – sometimes as short as 45 second sketches if I am working with polo, racing or other competition horses.

Each year I undertake a limited number of commissions. By restricting the number of commissions I allow time to challenge myself by pursuing my own artwork, progression and development. I have a life-long study of anatomy and biomechanics that includes Life Drawing and dissection drawing. I am also continually researching and experimenting to expand the boundaries of my relationships with the mediums that I use.

I am a full-time exhibiting and commissioned artist with my work being shown across the UK and in Europe. I am a Signature Member of the Institute of Equine Artists and I am represented by the Marylebone Gallery (London).

Twitter: @ruthbuchananart

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