Philip Gatenby

I am interested in the potentiality of artist residencies. Autonomous practice remains a personal imperative, perhaps even peremptory in the context of artist led communities of practice.

Making work as an artist in resident in an artist-led community is loaded with expectation. Projected risks beforehand can, and do, in the light of actuality offer an informational and experiential resource of explicit value. Emotional intellect with research integrity is an essential part of this agency. Residency placements I have undertaken thus far have served to push my research ideas into more awkward territories. Considerations of scale and materiality have, necessarily it would seem, been given primacy. Success is calibrated by mutuality of intent, the willingness of the host and recipient to confront different orders of risk. It is my view that artist led spaces are unique in their capacity to host the re-configuration of troublesome assumptions, particularly so in terms of studio production. I understand and value artist led communities of practice as an anchor point for meaningful collaborative visual experiment and would argue that conversations through and with the process of production – the making and musing of artifacts – can and should be a dialogue of challenge and transformation. Artist led studios have a significant role to play in the evolving arts ecology, certainly more significant than may yet be perceived. Progressive outcomes from ACE funding initiatives such as Creative People and Places have yet to be tested in this regard and very much warrant close attention.

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