Lewis Robinson

Lewis Robinson studied at Loughborough College of Art and Design, Hull College of Higher Education and Newcastle Polytechnic. Over the last thirty four years he has exhibited extensively in the UK and internationally in France, Slovakia, Germany, Italy and the USA. In 2013 he was elected as a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. He has been commissioned to produce public art works for a variety of locations in the north east of England and has work in private collections in the UK and abroad. He has taught in a number of Further and Higher Education institutions since 1987 and has lead workshops at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. He is currently a part time Senior lecturer in Fine Art at Teesside University.

Since 2010 Robinson has adopted methods of reconstruction and deconstruction to reinvent existing domestic objects, using only the material that is present, into a variety of sculptural forms. The process is one of playful improvisation exploring the paradoxical impulse of destruction and creation. His intervention and reworking of existing objects presents a circular relationship between the parts and the whole, the original object and the resulting form.

More recently the work has evolved further, often using the found object as a starting point but with the addition of further elements from other sources, made and found, introducing other histories and collisions of style. The resulting sculptures present hybrids and alternative versions of still lives that exhibit his love for materiality, DIY culture, fragmentation, and awkward makeshift construction.

Website: www.lewisrobinson.co.uk
RBS Profile: rbs.org.uk/artists/lewis-robinson

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