Lesley Birch

“My paintings and printmaking relate to feelings and memories about experiences and places. I like to work in series experimenting with different media ranging from oils, oil pastels and inks to acrylics and pure pigments. My travel sketchbooks feed into my practice helping me gather ideas. Mostly, though I’m relying on my intuition. My memory holds a record of places, people and emotions and I’m accessing that part of myself when I paint.” Lesley Birch 2016

Lesley Birch has exhibited in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and Cork Street Open. She has a painting in the Royal Marsden Trust Collection in Chelsea, London.   She was born in Glasgow, Scotland and has lived in Cambridge and Harrogate. She is currently based in York, UK. 

Website: www.lesleybirchart.com
Email: mail@lesleybirchart.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lesleybirchartist
Life and Art Blog: lesleybirchart.wordpress.com/
Twitter: @lesleybirchart

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