Kirstie Williams

Kirstie Williams is a practising designer and printmaker. She works primarily with screen printing processes and makes interior products and limited edition prints. She is fascinated by colour and the way colours work together in a design. She explores how even small accents of colour can alter the dynamic of a print.

Sustainability plays a strong role in her design process and she explores Slow Design philosophies through making, emphasizing slowness in the creation and consumption of products to instill quality and foster traditions.

Kirstie works as an Associate Lecturer for Short Courses at Leeds College of Art and also teaches creative workshops around Yorkshire.
Kirstie is also a member of Short Print Collective, a group of printmakers who teach on and contribute to the short course programme at Leeds College of Art. Formed in 2014, the group aim to establish a platform to share ideas and expertise in a wide variety of printmaking processes.



Twitter: @kirstiewdesign

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