Jayne Anita Smith

My process evolves organically, making work that attempts to reconnect with personal histories that sit within the marginal spaces of our being and to forge tenuous links to childhood dreams of a sublime life yet to be lived.

Within a transitory realm, suspended by the threads of past memories and experiences, floating free in time and space, we are engulfed within a labyrinth of fractured concepts.

Promised the sublime through a manufactured, false beauty, these flawed individuals search for the ‘otherness’ in relation to the self. Seeking the promised land they are engulfed into a labyrinth of fractured congestion; blinded by toxic temptations and dark desires they search for the ‘otherness’ in relation to the self and a way back to the future.

Born in London, Smith completed her BA (Hons) Fine Art at University College Falmouth and now lives and works in Penzance and Leeds. She is represented by Coates and Scarry and has exhibited both nationally and internationally, most recently at Art Central, HongKong. Her work has been selected for the RA Summer Show 2015, Mostyn Open and the Threadneedle Prize.

Instagram: @jayneanitasmith
Facebook: Jayne-Anita-Smith
Twitter: @jayneanitasmith

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