James Thompson

My work deals with the perception of space and its interpretation. I work across physical and digital media using pre-existing spatial situations as the starting point recorded and re-interpreted to construct new parallel multi-dimensional experiences of reality.

I draw upon the theory of the Multiverse found in quantum physics, which describes reality composed of a series of parallel worlds, which we simultaneously exist across and the process of digital self-portrait photography known as the ‘selfie’.

My practice is multi-disciplinary with a background in design I work across a range of sculpture, audio and kinetic installation, digital projection, film and performance, with outcomes developed in direct response to the spaces I inhabit. Documentation is used as a working methodology through a series of mixed media recording systems, which capture spatial information physically, digitally and through live performance.

I graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2012, opening my first solo exhibtion Expanding Spaces at the Marsden Woo Gallery, London in 2013, with the work now part of the Anthony Shaw Collection located at York Art Gallery. I have undertaken artist-in-residencies at Cove Park and Hospitalfield Arts, both in Scotland. Selected group exhibitions have included: Social Interaction, el Matadero, Madrid; RCA Paradise, Milan; Information in Style, CAFAA Art Museum, Beijing; Light Reflections, Mint Gallery, London; Atemporaneo, A Palazzo Galley, Brescia; Örnsbergsauktionen, Stockholm and film screenings at KARST, Plymouth; Mechant City Fesitval, Glasgow and the Whitechapel Gallery, London.

James Thompson, 2016

Website: www.jamesthompson.info

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