Gemma Wood

I am currently based in Yorkshire, making videos, 2d drawings on paper, sculpture.

The drawings featured are responses to anxiety, stress, and the energy that is released. I am interested in conscious thought, beliefs, vibrational energy, and how it can impact the world around us. Philosophy, art and religion, all the big questions!

It is part of a wider body of work that responds to scientific research aiming to link ideas about the micro/quantum with our everyday reality. Is this an untapped resource? Does collective consciousness exist? Is life a theatre? and if so what impact does this have on our human existence/experience? Does it build connection or break it?

The pencil drawing is aiming to reflect back from the viewpoint of the virtual, looking out, (through the individual’s computer camera), to those connected on social media. This is illustrated through algorithms that map interaction to be later analysed.  The virtual world is fast becoming a familiar setting for people to play out their dream reality, but what can we do to be connected to the “real reality?” If we can see through the blurred lines. Meditation/mindfulness are becoming everyday vocabulary, aiming to do just that. My work is observing the human experience, personal, and emotionally messy, and a curiosity about how much of an effect we can have on our everyday circumstances through our conscious thoughts.

Twitter: @artgemmawood1
Instagram: @artgemmawood  

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