Garth Gratrix – ICW

I produce work that makes use of the everyday, its perceived realities and things. Currently experimenting with a body of work titled nein inches, apart, together, away, repeat, I explore relationships between space alongside ongoing enquiries into queerness.

My work features a series of encounters between materials and colours which are given equal and perhaps ideal length, width or girth between them. Often my work will feature the use of triangles- a symbol stitched onto clothing in concentration camps to mark all minority or target groups.

I develop work with a particular colour palette comprising of commercially available emulsions which are officially specified with names such as ‘Campground’, ‘Dainty Daisy’ and ‘Unicorns Horn’ as a way to playfully expose heteronormative use of language when considering cultural communities such as LGBTQI. The work responds to this everyday serving of potential innuendo, confusion, flattery and perhaps offense when making decisions as part of an installation and site specific body of work.

Since 2014 I have been the founding director of Abingdon Studios as well as establishing In Collaboration With… (ICW); a former retail unit as a new platform for continued experimentation for my practice in tandem to supporting other artists showcases.
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Twitter: @garthgratrix

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