Elizabeth Neylan

As a painter colour in vibrant oils is fundamental to my work. Ideas for new paintings are generated by places I’ve visited such as Turkey, Spain and Mexico, songs, incidents, stories and myths. I am inspired by Macke, Bonnard, Chagall and the St Ives painters among others. I quite often paint from unusual angles and include historical and topographical references.

Recently music and dance has crept into my pictures following my move to Otley with its folk music and my travels to Mexico city and Washington square in New York. I have always enjoyed Traditional Jazz.

Other recent pictures have been inspired by the coasts of North Yorkshire and Cornwall. I am also inspired by songs and phrases. Sometimes my response is abstract. I am drawn to making pictures in series of seven like the days of the week or the seven ages of man. I have also worked in fabrics.

I live in Otley and hold a studio space in Leeds run by East Street Arts. I  have exhibited widely since the 1990s in public and solo shows. I am regularly shown at the Blandscliff Gallery, Scarborough. Up to 2003 I also organized and participated in the shows of Common link which was a group of artists who had all attended the course at the Jacob Kramer college, Leeds.  Many of my pictures are in private collections and four were bought by Public Arts in 2003. My paintings also took part in an episode of my “Family are aliens” at Yorkshire T.V. 2001.

Website: www.elizabethneylan.co.uk
Email: lizneylan@yahoo.co.uk

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