Dom Chastney

I am originally from Norwich and moved up to Yorkshire to study Fine Art at Leeds University. Since graduating in 2004 I have remained in Leeds, working as an artist and painter/decorator.

I am predominantly a painter interested in imagery generated through repeated processes. I don’t try to depict things directly and prefer to accumulate marks, creating multi-layered surfaces; exploring optical and other effects of tone, density/complexity, colour, texture, shape and pattern.

I use a number of different methods – lines and shapes, some derived from symbols, writing, graffiti etc; pouring liquid paint and moving it around the canvas; drips, dots, finger prints, flicks/slashes, colour washes, spheres and polygons, masking areas with clean edges, dry brushing/rubbing/scuffing pastels/charcoal, thread and mesh imbedded into the paint surface, sanding/sponging/scratching to reveal hidden layers, blowing/drawing into wet paint with air from a compressor.

Some of the patterns are made by masking the canvas from spray paint – objects arranged on the surface – washers, coins, grids, nuts, dry pasta/pulses, hand cut plaster/acetate stencils, seeds, fabrics, wire/string, lollipop sticks etc.

My paintings could be seen as types of ‘scape’ or perhaps internalised worlds – the patterns and forms recalling microscopic, molecular, anatomical or planetary imagery; aerial maps and old palimpsest manuscripts.

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