Diane Burrow

Following a long term interest in painting and drawing for pleasure I took the opportunity to study Fine Art at degree level graduating with a first in 2014.
I have been making work since then at my Blackburn based studio.
The recurring themes in my art are of people and the urban landscape expressed in figurative painting and drawing. My preference is to observe and record images directly from life where possible, using sketches and photography as aids.

Still Life: I have been working on a series of quick paintings in oils as part of the ‘Painting a Day’ movement. Exploring the possibilities of still life and personal belongings as ‘portraits’ develops the theme which was the basis of my degree research. I find these works can be just as revealing in their own way as conventional portraits.

Urban Landscape: My work is informed by my interest in local history and its industrial heritage. Using a variety of media enables me to convey a mood or atmosphere depending on the light, the setting and the weather.

Life drawing: I am fascinated by the individual personality and complexity of the human figure. Achieving some understanding of form through study of the life model can be applied to the rest of the ‘seen’ world and is fundamental for me as a representational artist.

Website: www.dianeburrowartist.carbonmade.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dianeburrowartist
Twitter: @diane_burrow

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