Debbie Harman

My practice is deeply routed in my personal experiences, the people I meet and landscapes that speak of stories I cannot reach, or that are yet to be told. I am drawn to questions of society, of localised issues that speak on a universal level. I am intrigued by societies Post Industrial past and changing notions of community. Through use of Lens-based media I attempt to unveil nuances of cultural and political issues, whilst personally trying to establish a place in which I belong.

I strive to find a balance between the dynamics of internal and external thoughts, between fact and fiction, personal and collective narratives, something tangible or elusive. At present I describe myself as an experimental documentarian, yet I don’t precisely know what that means. My work revels in uncertainty, in not having all the answers. I am in pursuit of truths in the world and within myself.

In 2015 I exhibited at Shanghai photography festival. I have also previously exhibited at Vyner Street Gallery London and Impressions Gallery Bradford. I studied at Leeds Beckett University and London College Communication where I received an MA in Photography in 2014.


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